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Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Attention, Small Business Owners: Your Black Friday + Cyber Monday Triumphs Await! Fall has graced us with its presence, bringing not just the allure of cozy sweaters and warm beverages, but also the bustling anticipation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the crescendo of your annual sales symphony. If you've yet to orchestrate your winning tune, fear not! There's still time to compose a melody of discounts, a harmony of irresistible offers, and a rhythm of engaged customers that will echo through your business well into the holiday season. So, fellow entrepreneur, grab that cup of coffee, dust off your creativity, and let's craft a campaign that will set your sales soaring. The stage is yours, and the time is now! 🌟☕️🛍️

How do you attract customers on Black Friday?

A simple place to start is a dedicated Black Friday Landing page. The power of a dedicated landing page for a small company can not be overstated. By establishing a page committed to the holiday and a strategic keyword plan, you can craft a page that's not only crawlable by the search engines, but designed for holiday shoppers! Shoppers want to feel the holiday spirit while snagging the best deals, and a page that signals this special buying time does just that. When your crafting this page, you'll want to think about a couple of things. Who are you crafting it for? Is there a best selling product you know your customers love? Is there a family of products that work well together that could help boost Average Order Values (AOV). Consider the impact you want to create with this page, and then get to crafting! Here are some promotional ideas to help you create a compelling page:

Blue background with gifts and a magnet attracting the gifts.

This wonderful hashtag movement encourages communities to rally behind their local businesses, especially during the holiday season. It's a virtual high-five to all the mom-and-pop shops, creative artisans, and innovative startups out there. So, let's take advantage of it! A couple Black Friday ideas include behind-the-scenes glimpses of your small business, introducing faces behind your brand, and showcasing your best-selling products or services. Invite your customers to celebrate community by "shopping small" with the brands they know and love. In today's market, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of small business, so this is your day to shine!

Showcase your values by participating in #GivingTuesday. Giving Tuesday is a national holiday that follows Cyber Monday. It's a great opportunity to signal to your customers your businesses missions and values when it comes to making a difference in the world. By dedicating a percentage of your sales to a nonprofit aligned with your mission, this cause-marketing strategy positions you to win over those customers who love supporting businesses with a cause.

Gift With Purchase:

Show your customers how much you appreciate them! Offer an extra product or service with purchases exceeding a certain purchase amount. It shouldn't be just any old add-on. Make sure the gift your offering adds real value, remember you're showing your appreciation, and humans can see through an inauthentic offer. Don't forget to use high-quality images and positive customer reviews to add credibility and charm.

Biggest Sale Of The Year:

While it's not fun to chase discounts down, it is a proven strategy that works very well to gain awareness with new customers, or get existing customers excited with anticipation. Companies, both big and small, are slashing prices, but there is a proven strategy that stands above the rest. Clear, simple Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers remove decision overload for those looking for the best deal. With a slash pricing approach, the easy-to-read display of both original and discounted prices make it easy for customers to quickly understand their savings.

Tip: When planning your campaign consider your high ROI products, target specific keywords with good search volume during this period, and user your CRM tool to help you show appreciation to existing customers with special offers.

How can Small Businesses use Email to Strengthen their Black Friday Ideas?

Ah, your email list – a treasure trove of potential waiting to be unlocked. Many small business owners forget to utilize their Email Provider System (EPS) during this time. Did you know it can do more for you then just send an email? As you gear up for the holiday frenzy, consider building out segments based on user activities that you can craft special offers around. Let's delve deeper into segmentation, ensuring your emails resonate and convert:

A person being welcomed to a new experience near the beach.

New Users: Nurturing First Impressions

Imagine a new visitor stepping into your store, eyes wide with curiosity. Your goal is to turn that curiosity into a lasting relationship. Just like in-person interactions, you'll want to be tactful with your approach. Here are a couple ideas to consider this Black Friday season:

Warm Welcomes

Craft a heartwarming welcome email. Think of it as a virtual handshake, introducing your brand's story and values. Make it personal, sharing the passion that fuels your business. Use friendly language, inviting them into your community - and since it's Black Friday - introduce them to your campaign. Show them the value it brings to their first visit with you.

Irresistible First Purchase

Entice them with a special first-purchase offer. It could be a discount, a bundled deal, or even a gift with their purchase. Make it tempting, something they can't resist. Limited-time offers like flash-sales, create a sense of urgency, encouraging them to make that first delightful purchase.

A group of friends exchanging gifts outside a shop among holiday lights.

Existing Users: Fostering Loyalty and Gratitude

Your existing customers are like old friends. They've chosen you before, and your task is to remind them why they made the right choice. Consider some different segments with this group. Here's a few segments to think about and how to nurture them:

The Whale Customer

This is a customer who has spent a high dollar value with you. Based on your data you could sort these clients out by AOV (average order value), CLTV (customer lifetime value), Order value higher than a certain dollar value. All of these metrics are contingent on your products price point, but you get the idea. This customer has spent beaucoup bucks with you, craft your message to acknowledge their loyalty! Start by expressing genuine gratitude. A simple 'thank you' can go a long way. Consider sending a heartfelt thank-you email, not just for their purchases but for being a part of your journey. Share a personal anecdote or a behind-the-scenes glimpse to make it more intimate.

The Promising Customer

This customer comes to your site often, but doesn't buy frequently. Ways to sort these customers out could include "days between purchase," CLTV, Order value lower than a certain dollar value. This behavior indicates they like your business, but they may have monetary restrictions that hold them back. Make them feel special with exclusive deals. Offer them discounts or promotions that are reserved just for them. It could be a loyalty discount, a 'thank you for being awesome' gift, or even early access to your holiday collections. The sense of exclusivity strengthens their bond with your brand.

VIP Treatment

Whales and VIPs could be synonymous, but I'll leave that up to you. Identify your high spenders and most loyal customers with frequency reports "purchased more than 4x in 3 months, or 1 year" or whatever time period coincides with your products lifecycle. Treat them like VIPs. Give them first dibs on your upcoming Black Friday sale, personalize recommendations based on their purchase history, create a unique experience that signals to them you had THEM in mind. Making them feel valued encourages repeat purchases and brand advocacy.

The No-Repeat Customer

Another version of the recency report can pull a customer who has purchased from you once and then never again. Black Friday is a time to remind them how awesome your product or service was, and to get in front of them again with a meaningful offer. While this customer may not have spent as much money with you as the others, you may want to consider that when you weight your promotion.

Remember, personalization is the key. Tailor your messages, offers, and gestures to each customer's unique journey with your brand. It's not just about making a sale; it's about creating meaningful connections that outlast the holiday season. Happy emailing! 💌✨

BONUS TIP: Your email lists can help with your social activations! 👇

What Ideas can a Small Company activate through Social Media on Black Friday?

Ah, social media – the beating heart of modern marketing. As the Black Friday frenzy approaches, your online presence can be a game-changer. One thing to consider are the various channels within social media - like Instagram - feed, stories, profile description, and link in bio. Then you have organic content and paid content to consider. So, let's unravel this social web, and see how we can maximize our efforts! Here are a few ideas to help you leverage different strategies to make your mark and boost sales during this peak season:

A young woman browsing social media on her smart phone lying on a wood floor.

Organic Strategy: Cultivating Community Vibes

Behind-the-Scenes Magic

Take your audience backstage. Share glimpses of your workspace, the creative process, or your team preparing for the big day. Highlight your special holiday touch during the picking and packing process and show off all the good vibes you're infusing into each and every order.

Customer Spotlights

Turn the spotlight onto your satisfied customers. Encourage them to share their experiences with your products or services. UGC (User-Generated Content) not only fosters trust but also acts as free, authentic advertising.

Engagement Challenges

Related to your campaign, rally your community around a movement. Are you celebrating #GivingTuesday? Encourage people to share stories about a loved one who deserves a special giveaway. Participating in #SmallBusinessSaturday? Showcase your small business! Tell the stories of your staff, connect to holiday ideas that are relatable to your customers. Encourage your audience to tell their own stories with you for a special giveaway.

Paid Strategy: Amplifying Reach and Impact

Targeted Ads

Utilize your segmented lists from email campaigns for highly targeted Facebook or Instagram ads. For instance, craft specific ads for your 'Whale Customers,' acknowledging their loyalty, or create compelling offers for your 'Promising Customers' to encourage their first repeat purchase.

Lookalike Audiences

Leverage your existing customer data to create lookalike audiences. These are potential customers who share similarities with your current customer base. Targeting them ensures your ads reach people likely to be interested in your offerings.

Product-Specific Ads

Segment your ads based on product categories. Craft visually appealing, product-specific advertisements to showcase your best deals. Highlight the unique features of each product to entice potential buyers.

Bio and Description: Your Black Friday Command Center

Optimize Your Bio

Update your social media bios with clear information about your Black Friday deals. Use concise language and emojis to grab attention. Include a CTA (Call to Action) guiding visitors to your Black Friday landing page or website.

Link in Bio Magic

On platforms like Instagram, where you can only have one clickable link, make it count. Use services like Linktree to create a mini landing page with direct links to various Black Friday deals, specific product categories, or your email sign-up form.

Remember, the key to social media success lies in consistency and authenticity. Engage with your audience, respond promptly to queries, and keep the excitement levels high. Social media isn’t just a platform; it’s your megaphone to spread the word about your incredible Black Friday offers. So, get creative, stay genuine, and let the social media magic fuel your holiday sales! 📱✨

Conclusion: Elevate Your Holiday Strategies with Sirensong OBM

As the curtains draw close on our discussion about maximizing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, there's one essential element left to discuss - the power of strategic planning. This shopping period is a rare time of year when consumers are hungry to spend their money! With all the components that can help shape your go-to market strategy, it's important to spend time crafting a compelling campaign.

With your ideas and my ability to help navigate the technical side of the world wide web, we can be a team that makes a profitable impact on your business during this pivotal time of year. Here at Sirensong OBM, it’s not just my expertise; it's my passion to unravel the complexities of digital marketing for you. With meticulous research, thoughtful analysis, and strategic keyword plotting, I can transform your online presence during Black Friday season. Imagine a website that not only attracts but engages and converts your customers seamlessly.

With over 15 years of marketing experience and a decade in the digital realm, I don't just offer a service; I offer a partnership. Let me handle the intricacies of your holiday activation, allowing you to focus on what you do best – nurturing your business.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Let’s explore the boundless possibilities together. Book a discovery call today and let Sirensong OBM be your guiding light towards a digital landscape filled with growth, visibility, and unparalleled success.

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