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Owner + OBM

Owner + OBM

Stephanie Duerden

Online Business Manager and Digital Marketing Strategist

Hey there, I'm the online business manager behind Sirensong OBM.

I grew up on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, where my love for nature and the environment took root. Along the way, I also discovered my passion for entrepreneurship and an avid commitment to small business and the value they bring to community.

The reason I started Sirensong OBM is simple - I want to empower fellow small businesses with the magic of the internet. We all have our unique strengths, and while you've uncovered your superpower in your business, navigating the digital world might feel overwhelming. That's where I come in to lend a hand.

Wondering if we align? Here's my mission, vision, and values for your reading enjoyment.


Let's team up and make your online presence soar! Together, we'll harness the power of the internet, so you can focus on what you do best - running your amazing business.

Looking forward to helping you thrive in the digital marketing realm!

See Your Vision Through

You've already taken the leap. You've already put in the hours. Now it's time to take what you've started and realize it's full potential.

An Online Business Manager With 15 Years Experience and Counting

I know, I'm just laying it out on the table. I've been a professional marketer for 15 years. With experience in corporate settings, small business settings, and eccommerce settings, I've seen a lot, and I have had the opportunity to both lead and contribute to each organization. But I've realized, I want to help the businesses that know they have the "It factor," but are struggling to break through the digital marketing forcefield. To give you a little insight into my experience, below are a few of my proudest accomplishments.


​At the helm of my marketing ventures, I captured the attention of Insider Magazine on Facebook and Instagram, driving a jaw-dropping 3 million views for Oceanside Glass + Tile and growing their following by an additional 3,000 followers over 6 weeks. With a passion for branding, I also redefined storytelling through the product catalog for the same company, wowing the industry during a prominent annual tile trade show.


As I moved from B2B into DTC, I got to spread my digital marketing wings. My email and customer lifecycle retention strategies fueled a staggering 100% year-over-year revenue growth for SportRx (within the email channel), not for one but three consecutive years. I also helped the SEO team re-establish a process that maintains record of all research and application applied to each page of, which streamlines optimization and re-optimization so each team member makes quicker strategic choices with their writing. During my time there, I also had the honor of guiding our media team to leverage data from our YouTube channel to support the content output in the most meaningful and impactful way possible, by targeting our most successful pieces utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs) to re-establish success metrics. All of this, while our team drove over $98 million dollars in organic revenue over 10 years.


Trying To Decide Between A Strategic OBM And A Tactical VA?

I've talked to a few of my entrepreneurial friends, and I've uncovered why choosing an Online Business Manager could be a better option than a Virtual Assistant (VA). Leadership experience lends itself to strategic thinking - which gets you more thoughtful work done for your business. Through my leadership experience I've learned how to read, anticipate, and understand people. I don't just look at industry trends; I keep an eye on economics, politics, and how the general public is responding to the current climate. Unlike a VA, I'm strategically looking for ways to create stories that truly connect and build trust, especially during uncertain times...

I started Sirensong OBM because I genuinely believe in partnerships and supporting small businesses. It's all about removing barriers and giving those hardworking dreamers the digital boost they need to succeed. When I started this process I reached out to my own internal group of entrepreneurs, and the prevailing feedback was, "I just don't know, what I don't know." My response, "You can't know everything! What you know about your specialty I equally don't know, but I know how to help you explain it and get it out to the world." Which brings me to why I love digital marketing.

Digital Marketing isn't just about creativity; it's the perfect fusion of art and science - which is why I fell in love with it. Many business owners have been through the digital marketing ringer. Some services make empty promises, and as an expert of your own domain you may not have a full grasp of the metrics available to you, making it tough to hold agencies accountable with a solid contract. But now, you can say goodbye to those shady interactions and get a handle on your data!

I'm equally passionate about diving into the numbers and analytics as I am about crafting the creative fuel for your digital campaigns. Together, we can establish your baseline metrics and then build a strategy that aligns with your vision. Plus, we'll set S.M.A.R.T. targets that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our efforts and ensure a profitable return on your investment.

Let's team up and make your digital marketing not just creative but smart and data-driven too!

My Personal Side


I think it's important to understand who you're partnering with, so here's a little more about me, the human.

Things I love:

  • I love swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

  • I love hiking the forests of the Northwest.

  • I love cooking. (And a good bottle of wine)

  • I love Halloween and Christmas.

  • I love spending time with my family.

  • I love my two doggies.​

I moved to San Diego after graduating with a BA in Education. Packing my bags, and moving 2,500 miles away from my friends and family was one of the scariest things I did in my young adult life. But it set the ground for a philosophy that I now live by. 

My philosophy? Embrace failure. Yup, that's right! Failing is all part of the journey, and it's how we learn, adapt, and come back stronger. Failure generally has such a negative connotation, but it's failure that gives room to iterate. It's failure that makes space for courage. And you need both of those things to build a business. 

When I'm not helping other businesses grow and thrive I'm working on my other big passion - my art. When I'm not being your personal Sirensong, I'm living my other favorite persona - Seamaid Soulsister. Through my art I'm able to cultivate my need to create, my passion for bringing awareness to the plastic crisis our modern world is experiencing, and just generally bringing joy to others through beautiful abstract ocean paintings.

So, that's a bit about me, Stephanie Duerden, your friendly online business manager and digital marketing guru. I'm here to inspire, help you grow, and show you the magic of connecting with your audience.


Let's make your business shine! 😊


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